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Hotels & Resorts

ENERVEX's mechanical draft and exhaust systems are very popular in this market segment. Hotels and Resorts face the same challenges as subverticals: the demand for heating, hot water, clothes dryer operation, and bathroom exhaust and ventilation varies substantially during the day, the week, the month and the year. It varies with the occupancy and the season.

Unlike subverticals, where exhaust system failures are a nuisance, hotels and resorts are facing lost revenue, if the guest don't have hot water for their showers. As a result, the exhaust system design must be proven and reliable, and sometimes redundancy is required to guarantee up-time. ENERVEX has solutions readily available in those cases.

In this the market, there is a strong presence of older low to medium efficiency boilers and water heaters. ENERVEX offers Economizer solutions that can increase the actual efficiency dramatically. 

ENERVEX has decades of experience in this field and has a proven track-record. Installations include high profile buildings such as The Armani Hotel at Burj Khalifa (Dubai), The Wilshire Plaza (Los Angeles, CA), San Diego Harbour Hilton (San Diego, CA), The Westin Diplomat (Ft. Lauderdale, FL), The Mirage (Las Vegas, NV) - just to mention a few.

The most popular systems used in hotels and resorts are: 

Demand-Controlled Mechanical Draft System for boilers and water heaters. Assures proper draft and highest possible combustion efficiency. Reduces space requirements while saving cost.
Demand-Controlled Over-draft Damper System for mechanical rooms with boilers, water heaters and tall chimney system. Prevents over-draft conditions.
Demand-Controlled Combustion Air-supply System for mechanical rooms with boilers, water heaters or clothes dryers. Eliminates gravity louvers.
Demand-Controlled Building Exhaust System System for multi-story bathrooms. Assures proper exhaust rates at any time no matter the demand. Can reduce exhaust rate of conditioned air of up to 60-70%.
Demand-Controlled Dryer Venting System for central laundry facilities and their clothes dryers. Assures proper exhaust rates at any time no matter the demand. Can reduce exhaust rate of conditioned air dramatically.

ENERVEX has always been successful in demonstrating payback to customers with the savings generated from heating efficiency gains, reduced exhaust rates of conditioned air, decreased electrical consumption, and low maintenance requirements.
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