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The MCAS, Modulating Combustion Air Supply System™ is a demand-controlled combustion or make-up air supply system designed to provide the exact amount of combustion air for mechanical room/laundry rooms. The system senses when no appliances are running and operates at a very low speed, maintaining neutral pressure in the room.

Sustainable Advantages

Economical. Over a 15-year period a typical demand-controlled CASI-system serving 4 high-efficiency boilers in a 20-story building costs 50% less to operate than a combined system without demand-control. Most of these savings are energy savings due to boiler-efficiency improvements.

Energy Savings. A demand-controlled mechanical draft system provides more precise draft control so the O2 levels can be lowered. This can lead to annual savings of 2-4% and reduce emission dramatically.

Material and Labor Savings. Combining chimney flues and reducing diameters save material and labor when using a demand-controlled mechanical draft system. Smaller chimneys are easier and less expensive to install.

Space Savings. Combining chimneys and reducing diameters save buildings space. A small footprint can save as much as $15,000 worth of space in a 20-story building. Even more space can be saved by redirecting the chimney out through a sidewall.

Aesthetics. Today's buildings are designed to be functional and attractive. The EXHAUSTO MCAS system elimiminates the need for large outside gravity louvers or intakes.

Benefits of installing a MCAS system include:

  • Extremely low noise level
  • Priority Operation Function and Bearing Cycle Activation
  • Interlocks 6 appliances (standard) or as many as necessary with add-on boards.
  • Easy programming of essential functions (80 parameters are programmable for customized solutions).
  • Spark-resistant construction with TEFC-motor with direct drive and true variable speed (inverter duty).
  • Listed to UL1995, Standard for Safety Heating and Cooling Equipment and CSA C22.2, No. 236-97
  • Maintenance free and service-friendly design.



How It Works

Design Example
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