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Company History

ENERVEX was started as “EXHAUSTO” back in 1991 by Gitte Hagensen to supply mechanical draft equipment, or “chimney fans” as they were trademarked, for mainly fireplaces and stoves.

At the time mechanical draft systems were not particularly popular – the chimney sweeping and hearth industries didn’t believe in this type of solution to draft problems. Through extensive marketing activities and a good portion of stubbornness, Gitte managed to make the industries listen, and today ENERVEX is dominating the market for mechanical draft systems in North America. Today, the words "exhausto" or “chimney fan” are commonly used as a synonym for "draft inducer" or “mechanical draft fan” by many in the industry; for example, “put an exhausto on the chimney" or "you can fix your problem with a chimney fan".
A couple of years after the company introduction, activities expanded into commercial applications. Complete mechanical draft control systems were developed for commercial and industrial boiler applications, and today they can be found in many schools, hospitals, hotels/resorts, sports facilities and governmental building. Not only in North America, but world-wide. Installations include Starwood Group hotels, Cowboy Stadium, Soldier Fields, Lambeau Field and Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building. Recently, packaged flue gas heat recovery systems were added to the product line. Since then, the company has expanded into commercial kitchen exhaust systems as a supplier to Burger King, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. – just to mention a few restaurant customers.

In 2010, EXHAUSTO changed name to ENERVEX as the rights to use the original company name expired. The need for a name change came at a convenient time, as the company’s growth continues. The name "ENERVEX" represents everything the company does – ENER is for energy, V is for ventilation, E is for exhaust and X is for heat exchange. Current products as well as future developments will offer cleaner emissions and energy savings and improved energy efficiency.

We will continue on the path we are on and follow our company vision: To be the most customer-focused, knowledgeable and innovative venting solutions company in the world. We aim to guarantee success in both the analysis and implementation of venting systems.
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ENERVEX Inc. 1685 Bluegrass Lakes Parkway, Alpharetta, GA 30004 USA P: 770.587.3238 F: 770.587.4731 T: 800.255.2923
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