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(770) 587-3238

ENERVEX introduces the EcoFlex 90+ Modulating Fan-Powered Economizer System

Roswell, GA – July 22, 2011 - ENERVEX, one of the leading suppliers of economical and environmentally-sustainable exhaust systems, just introduced the launch of the EcoFlex 90+ System, the first ever packaged fan-powered flue gas economizer. Building on the design of IPVB models introduced earlier this summer, the EcoFlex 90+ is the latest in flue gas heat recovery.

Manufactured completely in 316L stainless steel, the EcoFlex 90+ features a patent-pending design and can be installed in any part of the chimney, including horizontally or vertically. It can be used in conjunction with any gas fired heating appliance – condensing or non-condensing. The unique concept makes the model extremely suitable for use with draft hood and draft-diverter equipped heating appliances. It also allows multiple boilers to share a single economizer, which until now has been something unheard of.

“Architects and engineers today are looking for venting products that are designed for energy-saving, high-performance and versatility, and the EcoFlex 90+ delivers on all three,” says Steen Hagensen, President of ENERVEX. “Its flexibility and low profile makes it an optimal solution for almost any chimney application. In addition, it opens up a wide range of possibilities for engineers dealing with boiler efficiency problems within a challenging chimney design.” As part of the ENERVEX Chimney Automation System, the EcoFlex 90+ is controlled by the EBC30 or EBC35 draft control.”

It features a variable speed and direct drive, as wells as a removable drive unit. Like all ENERVEX products, the EcoFlex 90+ features a two-year factory warranty.

For more information about the ENERVEX EcoFlex 90+,click here.

Click here to download this press release in a Word-format.

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